About Us

Aphelion Necrology is based in Houston, Texas, and specializes in double-stained diaphonized specimens.

Elliott Gustafson started Aphelion Necrology in 2018.

He has a lifetime interest in zoology and over a decade of experience in laboratory animal science, and uses his experience daily with his work in diaphonization.

His favourite species to work with include chameleons, rabbits, and snakes.

His favourite thing about his work is giving animals new life after death, and making them into something beautiful to be admired and appreciated as well as learned from.

When he isn't working, he enjoys brunch, nature walks, and hanging out with his dog, Clancy.

Future plans involve attending shows and expos around the country as well as buying an RV in order to work on the road.

Look for us at several Oddities and Curiosities Expo shows in 2020!

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